March 14-17, 2016 | Miami


Event conducted in Spanish  Spanish flag


The 2016 edition of this summit will address technological innovation.

This is your opportunity to develop the best partnerships and create the best products with new technology in order to reach the base of the pyramid.

At the summit, you will unravel:

  1. How to overcome the limitations of regulation
  2. How to make MI programs sustainable in the long term
  3. How to educate the future customer for non-compulsory policies
  4. The role of the public institutions in supporting MI programs
  5. How mobile technology is disrupting the MI industry
  6. The best strategies to address the micro-entrepreneur
  7. How to make health microinsurance possible in the region

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"This event helps the insurance community to learn about the trends in microinsurance and inclusive insurance. This is where the community exchanges case studies, enabling the development of products that help the market progress."

Alejandra Díaz, Directora CSR and Microinsurance, Fasecolda (Federación de Aseguradores Colombianos)

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